Attending The Devils Reign

I will be in Fort Myers Florida for the opening of The Devils Reign group show. The show will also feature Peter H. Gilmore (curator for the show and High Priest of The Church of Satan) signing the copies of the Devils Reign book (featuring all of the participating artists. At the HOWL Gallery/Tattoo

Any East Coasters near that way, come and say hello. I don’t like traveling much, so, drop by while you can.


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Seduction artist lineup

Morpheus Bleeding by Venus Raven

Our artist list is now up for the Seduction (SEAF) Halloween art show. The art show itself is part of a one-night only event.

The artists I curated for this show are mostly local to the Puget Sound region (Seattle area). With the exception being fellow Art Monster and frequent collaborator Venus Raven showing for the first time in the US.

Francísco D., Aaron Morgan, Larkin, Patricia Ariel, Rose Ellen Swenson, Stefari, Shea Spina, Matt G Lewis, VisioLuxus, and featuring one John Santerineross artwork with 100% of his proceeds going to help his Crowd Rise funding campaign for his wife’s current medical needs.

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2015 Seattle Esoteric Book Conference

Prints of my artwork will be available at this weekend’s Esoteric Book Conference, in Seattle (Sept. 26 – 27). Come on out, grab a print, and say hello if you find me out and about.

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Devils Reign Art Show Artists Announced

The artist lineup for The Devils Reign art show is now up at Howl Gallery. More info can be found there concerning the group show and the limited edition book. My art will be included, and I may attend the show in person this December.


Howl Gallery The Devils Reign art show

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Seduction 2015 Tickets

Tickets for Seattle Seduction are now on sale. Dancing, performances, costumes etc. And monstrously seductive artwork curated by me, featuring all local artists… and more. A real creep show. 😀

Halloween night 2015.

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Corpus Illuminata Five

My artwork will be a part of: Corpus Illuminata V. August 14th and 15th in Detroit. More info to be found here:

Check it out, enjoy the show. 🙂

Corpus Illuminata 5

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Oddmall 2015

Divine Mania studio will be at: Oddmall, Emporium of The Weird. Saturday and Sunday June 6th and 7th. I will be at booth number 82. The event is free to get in. Opening at 11am. Come on by, lots of entertainment and fun are to be had by all.

Also, thanks to all of the people who visited my Divine Mania studio booth at Crypticon 2015 a few weekends ago.

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Seattle Erotic 2015

Well, that’s a wrap. The Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2015 is now over, and all was good, I hope my children/monsters enjoy their new homes. “The Opening of The Mouth” and “Predation & Lust,” are now in private collections.

Stay tuned for SEAF: Seduction in October 2015… where I will be curating that night’s artwork.  😉

Onward, towards Glory.

The Opening of The Mouth sculpture


Predation and Lust painting

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International Left Hand Path Consortium 2016


Left Hand Path Consortium banner

Next year I’m a part of The International Left Hand Path Consortium in Atlanta Georgia. Plan on making it out if you can, plan early.

We have a good line up. Plus I’m the art director… which means I’m a busy-body trouble maker. 😛

8-10 April 2016
THREE days!

Dedicated to facilitating the evolution of mankind by bringing the Light of Knowledge and self Empowerment.

Facebook Event Page:

Art show ~ Presentations ~ Live Music ~ Book Signings ~~~~ Exhibitors ~~ Rituals ~~~ Mixers ~~ Masked Ball ~~~

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A Daimon is Forever

“A Daimon is Forever”
Digital Illustration. March 2015

T-shirts available here (without text):
And the red version:

If you’re wondering why I keep depicting the serpent with a hand growing out of the opposite end of it, it’s because one day I imagined what my personal Daemon/Daimon would look like. And this is the first thing that popped into my mind: a serpent undulating about in darkness. With a Black Left Hand as an alternate head growing where it’s tail would be. And an eye set in the center of the left hand. It’s beautiful and alien, it would be almost terrifying if seen in real life.

Artists usually have their own set of symbols as a visual library, which they will use throughout their works and lives. For me, the eye in the palm is like an extra perception. It is the conscious eye and representative of the “I” in addition to the physical of the hand. And it can also roll around backwards and see inward as well as it can see outward. It sees all. When I give beings extra eyes they represent extra abilities or perceptions (Vision Serpent artworks, etc.).

Therefore, do not steal my daemon, or from my personal artistic visual library. Or else my Red Right Hand, the fire serpent with the devouring mouth set inside of the palm, will catch you… 😉

“Left Hand Black, Right Hand Red.”

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