Ma-Maw T-shirts

(Mother Nature is a Monster”)

She is consort to: SATURNE, and she is ever hungry, never satiated. “I would have all the world at one gulp.”

Our Mother Nature births a great many variations of lifeforms, cell by cell, from simple to complex and beautiful. She, then gives those lifeforms terrible teeth and claws to tear each other apart cell by cell. Devour, Forever and Ever.

T-shirts are now available of “Ma-Maw.” She is the mother of all monsters. T-shirts available with and without text. Sizes for men and women.

Ma-Maw illustrationMa-Maw T-shirt









About divinemania

A basic description of the term: “Divine Mania” is a state of being when a person is inspired/possessed by a god or a muse, The Divine being expressed through a person. A common state found in many artists.
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