The Artist

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Self Described: Art Monster. I was born in 1979. For the most part I have taught myself how to draw, paint and experiment with innovative painting techniques through years of trial & error. I was raised in the desert and am now based outside of Seattle WA. Divine Mania studio is a crooked barn of creativity out in the wet countryside, where I manically paint during vampire hours, while the good world sleeps.

A basic description of the term: “Divine Mania” is a state of being where a person is inspired by a God, a Muse or one’s own personal Daemon/Genius; the Divine expressing itself through a person. This is a state commonly found in many artists.

Human Imagination is a form of the Alchemical: “Prima Materia” and a means for expressing the hidden. Imagination is incomplete without Action in the world, the manifestation of subjective ideas down into objective reality. Painting is Action, and makes the numinous concrete.

“Don’t battle your demons, perfect them,” my artworks can be both beautiful and terrifying, many are explorations of  brutal Nature, firstly, and secondly: Archetypes, Myth, Magick, Alchemy, Folklore and History.

“Left-Hand Black, Right-Hand Red.”

Francísco D.
(also known as: Divine Mania)